Finished – A Children’s Story

nails and hammerThis is a children’s story, but it has no pictures, so most kids probably wouldn’t give it much attention.

This story is totally fictional, although it could have happened. It is not necessarily true, but it contains great truth.

Here’s the story…

There once was a man named Joseph who lived many years ago.

Joseph was a good man, a humble man. He loved God, and he loved his family. He did what he could to take care of them.

Joseph was a carpenter. He was very good at his craft. Joseph made tables and chairs and benches and desks.

Joseph was paid for his work. Mostly he was paid with money. One time, however, he was paid with a goat and two chickens. How do you think Joseph’s wife, Mary felt having a goat and two chickens in her house?

Joseph had a son named Jesus. Jesus loved God. Jesus also loved his family.

Even though Jesus was very young, he liked to help Joseph with his many projects. One day while Joseph was constructing a table, he observed Jesus a few feet away building something also.

In the dust were two boards that Jesus had crossed over one another. In his hands Jesus held a few small nails. Jesus was too little to lift the hammer, so Joseph drove the nails for him. When the nails were all in place, Joseph asked Jesus, “Now, what do you have to say for yourself?”

Jesus smiled proudly and confidently stated, “It is finished.”

“Let’s go home then,” Joseph replied. “Our work here is done.”

Later that night, Joseph thought about Jesus’ words from earlier in the day. “It is finished,” he said to himself. I wonder what Jesus meant by that? But it was late, and Jesus was already asleep.


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