Trust in God, and…

hand washing

I’m not for sure who initially coined the phrase, but it goes something like this – “Trust in God, and lock your car doors.” This advice tells us that we should trust in God, but that we should still take precautions in life. There’s a bit of a tension here. We are to trust God with every ounce of our being, while, at the same time, understand that we live in a world that is fallen.

In the present light of the coronavirus pandemic, the old phrase, “Trust in God, and lock your car doors” might better be presented as “Trust in God, and wash your hands.” Or, maybe it’s “Trust in God, and stop touching your face.” Whatever advice we choose to convey, the lesson is the same. We are to trust in God, but realize that God wants us to use common sense in how we live and interact with one another.

I would share just one warning – do not let your safety precautions become an idol in your life. Do not look to them for your ultimate safety or security. Jesus is the one who should be lifted up, held high, and looked to for that. Understand this – hand sanitizer never saved anyone from their sins. Hoarding bulk amounts of toilet paper never saved anyone from their sins. Social distancing never saved anyone from their sins. Only Jesus can save us from our sins. Please remember that!

The coronavirus seems to be spreading like sin throughout the world. Still, God is in control. Do not be afraid. We’ll get through this. In the meantime, “Trust in God, and wash your hands.”

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I am a pastor, author, and self-proclaimed all-around nice guy!

4 thoughts on “Trust in God, and…

  1. Amen! I was thinking of a post like this, but you said it so well that I’ll just reblog this one. We’re stuck about 2500 miles from home helping with family duties and hoping to fly home this week.


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