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“For you alone are holy. All nations will come and worship before you, for your righteous acts have been revealed” (Revelation 15:4, NIV).

I frequently pray for opportunities to worship God. I know that this phrase may seem a little peculiar as God is always available to receive our worship. The issue for me is that I don’t always make myself available to bring my worship to God.

I want to worship my Savior with all that I am, but I am distracted by so many things. A knock at my office door interrupts the prayer I needed to pray or the Bible passage I meant to read. During Sunday service, I find myself more concerned about the impressions of those around me than the desires of the One to whom I am attempting to direct my praise. Then there are the nagging enemies of indifference, laziness, complacency, and pride that so often derail my best attempts to worship the One who created me. The seemingly simple act of worshipping God often proves difficult for me.

The Gospel writer Luke tells a story of Jesus as he visits the house of Mary and Martha. The irony conveyed in this story is that Martha is so concerned about working out all the details of entertaining guests that she fails to worship the very Son of God who is in her presence. By contrast, Mary sits at the feet of Jesus and simply worships.

This is the kind of worship that I believe God desires. This is the type of worship I pray for: to fall at the feet of the Savior, to sit with him and listen to his words, to love and to be loved, to be broken and to be healed by his touch. My heart continues to crave such moments. May God bless each of us with ever-increasing opportunities to worship.

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