The Characters of Christmas: Jesus

“…when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman…” (Galatians 4:4, NIV).

Of all the players in the Christmas story, Jesus takes top billing. He is Immanuel – God With Us, the Savior given for all mankind.

It seemed such a passive act, simply being birthed into the world. Yet, it was God’s ultimate act of becoming man. The fullness and complexity of God, confined to just a few pounds of infant flesh, Jesus clarified the true image of God. So often imagined as vengeful and vindictive, even petty at times, the most accurate picture of God was now portrayed in the face of an infant.

Eyes that looked upon Creation now gazed into the eyes of Mary. Hands that formed mankind now stretched out to his mother. One day soon, these same hands will extend on a cross to save people from their sins. Jesus was born to die, a difficult reality in such a serene setting. 

And shepherds came from nearby fields, leaving their flocks to worship the one, true Lamb of God. And the wisest of grown men will soon bring gifts and bow down before the Christ child. On this day, Heaven rejoices, and angels proclaim, “Jesus is born in Bethlehem!”



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